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We offer high-quality industrial services from various specialties, encompassing these areas and more. Our professional team strives to ensure your complete satisfaction and excellent results in every project. Here are
some of our services that stand out for their quality and precision:

1. Scaffolding installation – we ensure a safe and efficient scaffolding installation, aiming for excellent
aesthetics and durability.

2. Painters – our professional painters create top-level coatings tailored to your needs, using high-quality paints
and tools.

3. Welders (TIG and MIG) – our welders are experts in their field, capable of performing high-quality TIG and
MIG welding, ensuring strong and reliable joints.

4. Pipe and flange fitters – we have experienced specialists who properly install pipes and flanges, ensuring
optimal performance and seamless assembly.

5. Mechanics – our team of mechanics has extensive experience in various industrial fields, providing high-
quality and precise work to keep your equipment operating efficiently.

6. Metalworkers – our experienced and skilled metalworkers can perform a wide range of metalworking and
shaping tasks using professional tools and technologies.

7. Electricians – our electricians are experts in electrical installations and repairs, known for their
professionalism, safety, and reliability.

8. Cleaning (using high-pressure equipment) – we utilize high-pressure cleaning equipment to clean and restore
your surfaces, ensuring a flawless appearance and hygiene.


We offer exceptional construction services performed by our team of highly qualified specialists. We understand that the construction sector demands high quality, professionalism, and precision. Therefore, we provide the following services, describing each of them carefully and showcasing our skills:

1. Carpenters – Our carpenters have exceptional ability in creating aesthetically appealing and functional details
that add value to your construction project.

2. Masons – Our masons are experts in delivering high-quality masonry work, ensuring stability and durability
for your building.

3. Scaffolding – Our experienced scaffolders handle scaffolding installation, prioritizing safety, quality, and
adding aesthetics to your project.

4. Insulation Installers – We provide professional insulation installation services, ensuring optimal thermal and
sound insulation for your building.

5. Painters – Our team of painters performs precise and meticulous painting using high-quality paints and tools,
making your building look exquisite.

6. Plasterers – Our plasterers create a perfect and smooth surface using plastering technologies that meet the
highest standards and requirements.

Our team is ready to undertake a wide range of construction tasks, considering your individual needs and
project specifics.


Together, we aim for broader horizons! By building long-term collaborative relationships based on mutual trust, we can undertake various projects. Our professional team creates unique and tailored solutions for every challenge, ensuring top-quality services in both industrial and civil sectors.



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Continuous improvement

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We are looking for people in:

Industry Services:
1. Scaffolding
2. Insulation fitters
3. Painters
4. Welders
5. Pipe fitters and flange fitters
6. Mechanical engineers
7. Ironworkers
8. Electrician
9. Cleaning (with high pressure equipment)
10. Heat exchanger engineers

Construction Services:
1. Carpenters
2. Bricklayers
3. Scaffolders
4. Insulation fitters
5. Painters
6. Plasterers
7. Electrician


Welcome to our company’s website! We are a dedicated team of professionals with a rich history in the construction and petrochemical industries. Our journey began in 2004 when our founders, with a workforce of 200 specialists, embarked on their careers. Our very first major project was undertaken for Odense Lindo, a prominent client from Denmark. The project involved the construction of Ro-Ro cargo ships and Panamax bulk carriers, where we excelled in the meticulous craft of building blocks.

Since 2017, we have expanded our expertise and ventured into the petrochemical industry. Initially specializing in mechanics and scaffolding, we quickly diversified our services and began providing comprehensive solutions for various tasks. Our capabilities now encompass a wide range of disciplines, including welding, pipe and flange fitting, mechanical engineering, and ironworking.

At our core, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and meeting the unique needs of our clients. Our team of highly skilled professionals is driven by a passion for excellence, innovation, and teamwork. With our extensive experience and unwavering dedication, we aim to be a reliable partner in realizing your vision and achieving success in your projects.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to explore more about our company and the services we offer. If you have any inquiries or require further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to collaborating with you and creating a brighter future together.

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